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Linkify Module

All the content editors and site owners are well aware of all the work that goes into cross-linking site content. It gets even harder to maintain when you have a large amount of articles or pages. Atlantis CMS team has released a nifty small module call Linkify to remedy this. This module will help you automatically discover one or all istances of keywords within your content and convert them to links. You can also use the familiar Atlantis CMS wildcard ":any" to find word only by matching parts of it. In addition to that you can apply css class to the link or convert the link to be an anchor.

Lets look at few possible scenarios where Linkify can be helpful:

  • You need to find the first instance of a desired keyword and link it to a section of your website.
  • You need to find all the instances of a desired keyword and link them.
  • You need to find keyword by partial match ( "ice:any" - that will match icecream, ice, etc)
  • You need to automatically convert a keyword to an anchor for the same page.

Happy Linking!