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Current Version: 2 .0.4
Atlantis CMS A 3 3.0 Free CMS built for agencies and marketers that’s fast and easy to use. CMS Linux CMS


We created the Atlantis CMS to simplify the process of building and maintaining a website for website creators and their clients.

Agencies & Marketers

Visual layout, template and menu building
Snappy, real time on-page editing
Rapid codeless page creation
Intuitive CMS search and content discovery
Simple image upload and management
Instant image optimization for responsive and mobile
Integrated SEO tools and free-form URLs
Streamlined version control and content authoring
Available support from actual CMS developers



Extend and enrich your projects with modules.

Powerful Framework

Atlantis is built on top of Laravel 5.x, world's leading PHP Framework.


Skin your projects with a custom theme using your favorite css framework!


You can join our Slack channel for community support.

How to install

To get the latest copy and keep up with the updates use Composer.


composer create-project atlantis-labs/atlantis3 --prefer-dist atlantis3

Brands using Atlantis 3

These are some of the brands that are powered by our CMS.

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Help, I have a question!

What if I need a custom build module or support?

You can always contact us and we will discuss how to help you out!

How do I request a feature?

It is great to hear your voice! You can post in out Slack channel or in the message boards.

How do I update?

Updates are super easy when using Composer. Just do "composer update".