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Framework Update - 1.1.41

resources/themes/theme101/views/page/shell.blade.php has changed in 1.1.41. You need to upload the file manually. View changes

feature New events added page.created, page.edited, page.deleted, pattern.created, pattern.edited, pattern.deleted, media.created, media.edited, media.deleted, gallery.deleted, gallery.created, gallery.edited

feature Themes can create patterns and pages

bug-fix Various Fixes

Framework Update - 1.1.4

feature Admin Lang Packs

feature Subfolder Installation

feature Front-end Language Switch Helper

bug-fix Various Fixes

Framework Update - 1.1.3

feature New Admin Sidebar introduced that allows modules to export functionality to be used in Page and Patterns Screens. Read the full log here

Framework Update - 1.1.0

feature Major enhancements in the Media section. New modules. You can extend the page object visually now with custom fields. Read the full log here

Framework Update - 1.0.19

feature Modules can now create pages and patterns with a single click. Read more here.

Framework Update - 1.0.18

bug-fixMinor Bug Fixes.

feature Added new Comments Interface,Tools Method to list Comment providing modules

Framework Update - 1.0.17

bug-fixFixed pages in development mode to be viewed only by "admin-login" role.

feature New artisan command to generate themes.

Framework Update - 1.0.16

bug-fixFixed page.body event not firing properly.

feature Page and Pattern Admin List Ordering by Most Edited.

feature New System Admin Events: page.added, page.edited, page.deleted, pattern.added, pattern.edited, pattern.deleted.

Framework Update - 1.0.15

bug-fixService maintenance that fixes password recovery issue.

Framework Update - 1.0.14

feature Page object updated ($_page variable in views).

feature MobileDetect updated with the latest version.

feature Login can be now done both with username or email of the account

bug-fix Fixed issue where Pages/Patterns expiration won't work properly. You can now set only "from" or "to" in the expiration dates and it will start or stop the resource accordingly.

bug-fixFixed an issue with image selector drag 'n drop

featureAdded icon for galleries thumbs

bug-fixUI Fixes

Forms Update - 1.8.10

feature Flood control: There is a new way to protect your forms from flooding using this option. If certain IP posts more than once for the allotted timeframe it gets blocked automatically. You can control the time interval and the message that appears once an address is banned from the module's config section. IP will be allowed to post again after the time is up.

feature New option added to the form fields where you can select which field to be used as "From" address of the outgoing form mail. Note that this option will overwrite any addresses you might have into the "email from" field in the bottom of the form.

featureTemplate generator tool added: This tool will generate basic HTML template for both Foundation and Bootstrap based on your fields.

bug-fix "Not Empty" validation added for dropdowns and checkboxes: (dropdown ex. "0=>please select::disabled::checked")

bug-fixFixed an issue with image selector drag 'n drop

featureAdded icon for galleries thumbs

bug-fixUI Fixes

bug-fixFields drag 'n drop issue fix.

Framework Update - 1.0.10

bug-fixFixed a bug that was preventing saving patterns with expiration.

Framework Update - 1.0.9

feature Added the "data-responsive" tag to produce picture html tag with different sizes for different devices. Check the "Atlantis Module Tutorials" , under Media for more information.

Forms Module - 1.8.7

feature Added Lookup Tab for Countries and States, you can now define default state or country in the dropdown using [state prefix]=>[state name]::checked


bug-fix Minor widgets fix.


feature Widgets was added in the Dashboard.


feature Option "excluded scripts" was added in the config panel.


feature Crop was added for all image sizes (ex. Responsive Gallery/1024x768/640x480xC/320x240/300x300xC).

feature The modules repository is only available for admin users.

bug-fix Minor bug fixes.


feature Shows included modules in edit page from data-pattern-func attributes.

feature Tag Helper added.

bug-fix Page parent document fixed.

bug-fix Minor bug fixes.