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Core Framework 1.0.14 and Forms Module 1.8.10 Updates Post Date: 04/06/2017

Hello, We have been hard at work to bring you new updates! Here is the list of the new stuff:

Framework 1.0.14

  • Page object updated ($_page variable in views).
  • MobileDetect updated with the latest version.
  • Fixed issue where Pages/Patterns expiration won't work properly. You can now set only "from" or "to" in the expiration dates and it will start or stop the resource accordingly.
  • Login can be now done both with username or email of the account
  • Fixed an issue with image selector drag 'n drop
  • Added icon for galleries thumbs
  • UI fixes
Forms 1.8.9
  • Flood control: There is a new way to protect your forms from flooding using this option. If certain IP posts more than once for the allotted timeframe it gets blocked automatically. You can control the time interval and the message that appears once an address is banned from the module's config section. IP will be allowed to post again after the time is up.
  • New option added to the form fields where you can select which field to be used as "From" address of the outgoing form mail. Note that this option will overwrite any addresses you might have into the "email from" field in the bottom of the form.
  • Template generator tool added: This tool will generate basic HTML template for both Foundation and Bootstrap based on your fields.
  • "Not Empty" validation added for dropdowns and checkboxes: (dropdown ex. "0=>please select::disabled::checked")
  • UI Fixes
  • Fields drag 'n drop issue fix.